Did you know that there’s a big difference between a French translator and a French Canadian one? Not many people do. But if you want to get an official document translated in Canada, it’s important that you know the difference between the two. Here we’ll show you how the two vary and how to find someone who specializes in French Canadian translation.

What Is a French Translator?

To date, there are 29 countries around the world where French is an official language and 13 that consider French as their only language. However, not all of these locations speak the same type of French. In fact, each group has its own unique and distinct dialect and some countries even have different idioms in each region. For instance, there is European French most commonly found in Paris and Marseilles, Dutch-influenced Belgium French, North American French, African French, Caribbean French, Creole French, and many more. To put it lightly, there is no one true French. There are cultural differences in grammar, formalities, and even names of everyday items.  So, if you want to have something translated into the right dialect, you’ll want to find a translator from that country. Otherwise, the message may be lost, and the vocabulary and grammar may come out different than intended. Meaning you’ll only confuse your audience and risk the chance of having incorrect information in your documents.

What Is a French Canadian Translator?

If you wish to translate French to English and vice versa in the Canadian market, you’ll need a French Canadian translator. And in Canada, it is important that you hire a professional translator that has the proper certifications and is fully versed in Canadian linguistics as well as the laws that govern language in Canada. This is because, in Canada, French and English have equal status. So, if you want to integrate your business into the Canadian market or need a government or official document properly translated, then you’ll need a properly certified translator in English to French Canadian translation. 

How Do You Hire A Certified French Canadian Translator?

You may not require a certified translator when you need a French menu or CV completed but there are several situations when you’ll need to hire a professional. This includes legal scenarios, immigration, college applications, business dealings, and when translating government documents. When you require a certified translator in Canada, it’s best to turn to a qualified company that has been recognized by a provincial or territorial certifying association. In Ontario, the only officially recognized certification for an individual translator is the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) number, seal, or stamp and signature. In Quebec, certified translators must be a member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OOTIAQ). 

Translation agencies and companies providing professional translation services can be also certified. The certifications recognized in Canada are CGSB 131.10 Canadian Translation Standard and ISO 17100.  Certified companies must comply with the criteria for quality, organization, procedures, technological and structural capabilities, reliability, and record of customer satisfaction, just to name a few.

Where Can You Find A Certified Translator

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