The perception that people who speak two or more languages can translate in those languages is rather common. The truth is quite the contrary. The profession of translator includes a set of sophisticated skills and talents where knowledge of a language is only the essential first step.

Required Translation Experience

Most translators hold a university degree in translation. Employers that want to hire translators usually require a minimum of two years of full-time translation experience.

To become a translator, the candidate must gain knowledge in basic linguistics and language theories, vocabulary, grammar and style, theories of translation, terminology, lexicography, use of translation technologies, writing techniques, how to do research, and many other skills. And hours of translation practice to increase the speed.

How Much Do Translators Translate?

When it comes to speed, an experienced translator translates about 2000 words long document of a general administrative nature in one day. Employers or clients that are looking for translators usually expect such standards of daily production.

For technical, medical, legal, financial or other specialized translations, the capacity is lower as it takes more time to understand the meaning of the document and to research and find proper terminology. Translators that specialize in translation of technical documents often become real experts in their fields. For example, legal translators translate contracts, leases or court decisions and judgements, medical translators work on documents in the area of medicine, health or medical research.

What Do Translators Translate?

Translators face many challenges in their daily work. They are expected to translate any document that someone needs in a different language. The first step is to understand the text for translation. Some texts are written very well, some have very long sentences, sometimes the meaning gets lost in the complexity of the subject and other times keywords are omitted. The translator must be able to figure out a solution in all these or other situations and in the end come up with a correct, accurate and error-free translation. It applies to English to French, French to English, English to Spanish and Chinese, Italian, Czech or any other language combination.

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