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Canada’s Official Languages Act

The Official Languages Act or Loi sur les langues officielles is a Canadian law that gives French and English languages equal status. Both languages are equal in Canada’s government, and Canadians are entitled to receive all services in both official languages throughout the country.

Definition of English to French Translation

The role of English to French translation is to convey truly and accurately the message written in the source.Every great translation reads as if it was written in the  French language to begin with and does not bear any indications that it was written in English to start. The reader of the French translation done by our translators cannot tell whether the text was translated to French or was originally written in French.

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Translation for Many Industries

Fox Translations helps to facilitate the written French language in all aspects of Canadian life including government, business and finance, travel, entertainment, health and medicine, science, technology and law. We have been gathering experience and knowledge in the field of translation to French for more than 20 years and have become true experts in translation to both Canadian French and continental French. We have become specialists in understanding the important position the French language occupies in Canadian culture.

Specialist Translators

Only the top professionals in the field are working on our clients’ French translations. All translators on our team go through systematic screening and testing before they are entrusted with our clients’ documents.
French translators specialize in various fields and documents are assigned to them strictly according their specialization in their respective subject matters.

Native French Speakers

All French translators are native French speakers; the French language is their mother tongue that they used as primary communication during their personal and professional development.
True expertise in the field of French translation is supported by the membership or candidacy of all Fox Translations’ translators in one of the professional translators’ associations (ATIO, OTTIAQ, etc.). Clients familiar with the translation industry always demand that their French translations are done only by certified translators.

Technology in English to French Translation

Besides traditional research tools used by French translators like Termium plus, Fox Translations usesComputer Assisted Translation tools for consistency of terminology and style. Throughout the years, we have accumulated a robust database of documents and lexicons of all kinds. French translators are constantly connected to our translation memory in-house or online to access client-required resources or our own database of French terminology and text databases.

Large Percentage of Written Material is Produced in English

Demand for French translation is steadily on the rise. Federal and provincial governments in Canada produce a large number of materials that must be available to Canadians in both official languages. The global division of labour and further internationalization of the world creates a growing need for translation with English to French at the forefront.

Fox Translations has grown from a small translation services provider to a multimillion dollars supplier of highest quality French translations.  Translation from English to French takes close to 75% of our overall business activity and close to 30% of annual growth. With long term contracts, standing offers and supply arrangements in place, we will continue to strive to meet and exceed the demands for high quality of English to French translation for our Canadian and international customers.

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