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French to English translation is the second most frequently requested language combination in Canada and is in high demand all over the world. With English being one of Canada’s official languages and the world leading communication instrument in business, government, politics, international relations, technology, culture and all other areas of human activity, the importance of translation to English is extremely high. What is a better way for nations to communicate their information to the world than to translate it to English and post it online?

Why Is It Important?

While French is the official language in Quebec where the majority of native Canadian French language speakers live and in New Brunswick where both French and English are official languages, English is the first language in the rest of Canada. Province of Quebec has vibrant business and cultural relations with the rest of Canada and many US states. To maintain and grow the relationships and keep the communication flawless, there can be no language barrier. French to English translation is a thriving and growing industry on each side of the provincial and international borders that keeps the communication wide open.

With more and more material created in French at the government as well as in the entire country, the demand for English translators is constantly on the rise. French to English translators do not need to worry about employment or business opportunities.

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Translation Quality Assurance

Just like with the English to French translation, the standard of quality for French to English translation in Canada is extremely high. The standard for English language usage in Canada is set by The Canadian Style published by the Translation Bureau of the Public Services and Procurement Canada. The Canadian Style is an indispensable guide not only for English translators but also for editors, copywriters, teachers, lawyers and for everyone translating or writing in the English language in Canada. 

Many translators working in the French to English language combination join one of the provincial association of translators and become certified translators. Certification is evidence of their highest professional capabilities and quality of their translations. Certification also opens more opportunities: public offices like ministries, federal departments or license authorities accept only translations secured with a certification seal from a certified translator. This comes very useful for example to newcomers to Canada that need to validate their foreign driver’s licence, birth certificate, marriage certificate, professional degree, transcript or diploma and a variety of other documents that are not accepted without certification. 

Majority of French to English translators employed or contracted by Fox Translations have their professional certification.  

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