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Do you have content that needs not only to be translated into a different language, but also to be made suitable for a particular audience? For example, you may have a scientific text that needs to be tailored to a popular audience, or a set of regulations rendered in plain language to be more comprehensible to newcomers to Canada. To ensure a quality end product, Fox Translations assigns translators with experience both in adaptation and in the subject area.


Do you have content for translation that needs to be further modified to suit a particular cultural or language group? For example, you might want to adapt a French document that was written in Senegal into Canadian French. When we localize a document, we ensure not only that we use the right vocabulary and correct idioms, but also that we fine-tune the details – such as currency and weights and measurements – so that the content rings true for the target audience.


Do you make changes to documents in one language that must then be made to the same documents in another language? For example, if you make updates to last year’s financial statements in English, our translators can make the corresponding updates to last year’s French version. Whatever language or format your source content uses, we will ensure that the target content accurately reflects even the smallest changes.


The Fox Translations team specializes in translating a wide range of content, including: administration and management; federal, provincial and municipal government; communications and marketing; legal; health and life sciences; technology and science; finance; and personal documents.

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