With all the latest translation tools popping up online, many people are wondering whether they still need an expert translator. The answer to that is yes! 

The online tools provide only basic translation, and the language they use gives only the general meaning.  It may be sufficient in many cases but that is not what people are looking for when they need to translate a manual, a website or product information to Canadian or continental French, English, Spanish or other languages. 

Translation is a complex activity with numerous steps and procedures. For accuracy, consistency, proper style and tone, and correct terminology for your documents, you cannot just use someone or something that knows the language. You need a translator with a degree in translation and with a certificate from a professional association of translators. You also need an experienced project manager who is thoroughly familiar with the art of translation. The project manager will monitor your document from the start until the completion. All the way from the initial examination at receiving it from you, through the evaluation and pricing, pre-translation with translation memory, selecting the most suitable translator and reviser for your type of text. The project manager watching every step of the process to the final inspection and delivery back to you assuring that the translation met your expectations and will serve well its purpose. 

We Start with Your Project Evaluation

Before any translation is started we make certain we know your target audience and every detail of your particular need. Using computer-assisted translation tool we will look through all previously translated documents on file and on internet and search for similar projects we or someone else translated in the past. If same or similar already translated documents or sections of text that don’t need retranslation are found, we will use them in your translation. This will speed up the process, may lower your cost and shorten the delivery time. The pre-translated sections don’t go to translator but directly to reviser and quality control. The entire document including pre-translated and new sections will still be thoroughly revised to ensure you receive consistent and error-free translation. Translation that reads not as translation but as if it was written in the target language. The most sophisticated translation tool in the world cannot do that. It cannot generate translations that read as if they were written in the target language. And that is why you want to have your documents translated by professional translators, not by internet or someone who just speaks the language.

At Fox Translations, we are the leader in Canadian translation. We translate a wide variety of content from government to legal documents, technical, financial and even personal documents. You can expect nothing but the best results in the industry. When you hire our expert team, you’ll receive high-quality translation solutions, fast turn-around, efficiency, accuracy, and consistency every time. Learn more about our services by contacting us today.