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Full-time English to French Translator

Full-time French to English Translator

Translators, revisers and terminologists specialize in French and English – the official languages of Canada. The main areas of specialization include administration and management, technical, legal, financial and scientific.

Main Duties:
Translators and revisers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Translate a variety of written material such as administration and management documents, reports, correspondence, legal documents, work descriptions, speeches, media lines, publications, letters, memoranda, questionnaires, financial, scientific and technical reports, minutes of meetings and conferences, technical specifications and other texts. The translated documents convey the content, context and style of the original text using means natural to the target language.
  • Revise, proofread, verify and correct texts translated by other translators.
  • Train, supervise and consult other translators.
  • Conduct terminological research on a given subject, suggest terminology, create and contribute to glossaries, lexicons, terminology banks, and terminological databases.
  • Communicate with authors, originators, clients, resource persons, etc.
  • Utilize translation memory systems like Trados, Fusion, Multitrans, Logiterm, etc.
  • Are proficient in using common word-processing Windows based programs like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and commonly used Internet research tools.

Employment Requirements

  • A university degree in translation with a specialization in translation, interpretation or terminology in two languages including at least one of the two official languages
    A university degree in a related discipline such as languages, linguistics, philology and courses in linguistic transfer and two years’ experience as a full-time translator working in two languages, at least one of which is an official language
    Five years of experience as a full-time translator working in two languages, at least one of which is an official language, are required.
  • Membership in a provincial or territorial association of translators, interpreters and terminologists may be required.
  • French language native speaker
  • Familiar with TERMIUM and other terminology databases
  • Translates in the range of 1500 to 2000 words per day
  • Bears full responsibility for the overall quality of delivered translations

Project Coordinator

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Receive translation requests from clients
  • Assign documents for translation to translators
  • Bear responsibility that translators fully understand assigned tasks and that they have received all instructions, reference documents, glossaries and other support material
  • Enter requests to workflow and translation tracking database
  • Maintain records of current and past projects
  • Communicate with clients, translators, authors, originators in accordance with individual client requirements and contracts
  • Monitor deadlines. Ensure deadlines of all coordinated projects are met. Communicate with clients in case of suspected late delivery and negotiate extensions on rare occasions when deadlines cannot be met
  • Cooperate with editors, revisers, translators and others towards achieving the highest quality of our service
  • Consult authors/originators, customer representatives and in-house consultants for solutions leading to excellent service


All regular (non-contract) full-time and part-time employees are eligible for our benefits plan that includes:

  • Vacation days (starting with two weeks after six months of service)
  • Optional holiday
  • Basic life insurance (with an option to purchase additional insurance)
  • Spousal and dependant life insurance
  • Extended health and dental insurance
  • Drug plan and out-of-country health insurance
  • Corporate Performance Incentive Plan
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (offers confidential professional counseling and resources, in a number of areas, to employees and their families)
  • Group RRSP

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