Whether you’re a small or large business, translation services can help propel your company to a higher level of success and notoriety. Translation services are particularly important for Canadian companies; more than 7 million Canadians are fluent in Quebec French. These Canadians have high expectations and require nothing less than their French documents to be equal to the English ones in every way. They must read as if they were written in French, not translated. No internet translator can do that.

While it may be tempting to use Google Translate, it is important to realize how poor-quality translation can harm your business. With the strong presence of online translators, we are often asked if we use online translation tools such as Google Translate. The answer is no! All our translations are 100% performed by human translators and revisers. Technology is used to assist with perfection, efficiency, and to streamline the process. For full consistency of terminology and style, computer-aided translation tools are in place. The actual translation, revision, and assessment of accuracy are done by our staff.

Choosing the right translator is important for your company. If you’re looking for translation services, here are some things to consider to help you pick the right one:

Full Comprehension

When you need translation services you want to go with a company that showcases an extensive understanding of domestic and international languages. Our translators’ purpose is to communicate your message in another language using means natural and appropriate to the target audience. For example, selecting a translation company that can speak and understands French or another language is irrelevant if they are unable to accurately translate and localize industry-specific terms, phrases, and the tone of the document. Be sure to look for a company that boasts an extensive background in the language you require before enlisting their services. Be sure to ask if they have resources familiar with your line of work and associated terminology.

Multi-Step Process

One of the key factors in delivering well-translated text by a professional translation company is ensuring they have a thorough revision, editing, and quality assurance process. This is accomplished with the balanced combination of human expertise and experience and the use of technology. Translations have the potential to inform, educate, and entertain people while mistranslations can confuse and irritate a reader and harm your brand. So, what should a reputable and highly experienced translation company provide? Be sure that they have editors to revise translated work and check that they are following through on the tone of the original documents.

Speed of Translation

As a business owner, you expect fast and reliable delivery. Speed plays a major role in a company’s success. When it comes to translation services, translations need to arrive quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. When choosing a translation company, be sure to discuss timelines and set reasonable expectations.

There are many things to consider when choosing a translation company including their ability to read and convey tone and if they are equipped with an in-house team of editors. For more information on translation services for your company, contact Fox Translations today!