Who We Are

Fox Translations provides a full range of Translation services, including English to French translation, French to English translation, and translation to and from over 20 other languages since 1998.

What We Do

Fox Translations also provides editing, revision, adaptation, localization, and updating as part of our translation services, and as standalone services.

English to French Translation

Fox Translations specializes in English to French translation. Translations into Canadian French are done by in-house experienced and certified translators, specialized in their respective fields and subject matter.
We adapt and localize content aimed at the European or other regional French language audiences to ensure that our translations accurately reflect the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the target audience. Fox uses only residents of the target market country, translators who are deeply familiar with the local habits and culture. Before local translators are entrusted with our customers’ documents, they undergo rigorous screening, testing and training.

Translation into Other Languages

Fox Translations regularly translates content of all kinds from French to English for the Canadian government and other customers who produce documents in French.
We also translate content of all kinds, from the technical to end consumer documents, to and from Arabic, Chinese, Croatian/Serbian, Czech, Dutch, Farsi, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian and continental), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (for Mexico, South America, Spain), Tagalog/Pilipino, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.


Part of our Quality process is to proofread and edit all our translations for grammar, formatting, and terminology.
Do you have text in need of a “tune-up”? We also offer editing as a standalone service where we fine-tune the spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and style of your document.


Revision is a key step in our Quality process. After editing, the grammar, style and content of the translated document is verified. We then compare the target (newly translated) content with the source (original) content, doing a parallel read to ensure that the message of the source text was conveyed with full accuracy, and faithfully reflects the tone and the intent of the source content.We also provide revision as a standalone service.


Do you have content that needs not only to be translated into a different language, but also to be made suitable for a particular audience? For example, you may have a scientific text that needs to be tailored to a popular audience, or a set of regulations rendered in plain language to be more comprehensible to newcomers to Canada. To ensure a quality end product, Fox Translations assigns translators with experience both in adaptation and in the subject area.


Do you have content for translation that needs to be further modified to suit a particular cultural or language group? For example, you might want to adapt a French document that was written in Senegal into Canadian French. When we localize a document, we ensure not only that we use the right vocabulary and correct idioms, but also that we fine-tune the details – such as currency and weights and measurements – so that the content rings true for the target audience.

What Our Client’s Are Saying

“Fox Translations have been incredibly responsive and thorough for all our team’s requests that range from a few words, sentences, a page, multiple page guide/booklet, presentation and web pages. All correspondences have been timely and efficient especially with meeting tight deadlines. …with Fox Translations, the regions are always satisfied with the work received. Please accept our appreciation for all the high class deliverables and outstanding service.”

Reema Ali, Norton Marketing Team, Symantec Corporation
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