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Fox Translations specializes in English to French and French to English translation. Our team of professional, certified translators speak and write Canadian French. Our certifications and experience guarantee that our clients receive translations of superior quality. For quality standards and procedures the company is ISO 17100 and CGSB-131.10 certified.

To keep your data secure, our facility and most of the team members meet the Canadian government security clearance requirements

Quality translations accurately reflect the cultural and linguistic characteristics of your target audience.

As language professionals, Fox offers a full range of services: Translations, Editing, Revisions, Adaption & Localization.

“In the past, I’ve experienced work-related stress, but not since I joined Fox Translations’ team. Working at Fox Translations helped me to find a good work-life balance. I do my work during my work hours. If I want to work overtime, I just ask… there’s plenty of work for me. However, I never feel pressure to accept huge workloads after my regular hours, I can say “no” with confidence. At Fox Translations, I feel I’m a valued team member, a team I want to be part of and help building.”

Jean-Pierre G., Full-time translator at Fox Translations

Government and businesses trust Fox for quality, on time delivery and security

  • We don’t just talk about quality—we are ISO 17100 and CGSB-131.10 certified.
  • We use technology to improve overall process but NOT to translate your words.

  • Protected material? Our premises are security cleared to protect your data and our translators have met government security clearance requirements.

What Our Clients Say

“Fox Translations have been incredibly responsive and thorough for all our team’s requests that range from a few words, sentences, a page, multiple page guide/booklet, presentation and web pages. All correspondences have been timely and efficient especially with meeting tight deadlines. …with Fox Translations, the regions are always satisfied with the work received. Please accept our appreciation for all the high class deliverables and outstanding service.”

Reema Ali, Norton Marketing Team, Symantec Corporation
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