Meet the Team

We are a highly experienced, close-knit team of translators, coordinators and quality assurance specialists, many of whom have been with Fox Translations for over a decade. Find out more about some of the key faces behind the Fox Translations brand.

  • Vlad Fox

    Vlad Fox
    Vlad Fox is the owner and President of Fox Translations. With a background in teaching English, Slovak and Russian, Vlad came to Canada and took his MA in Modern Languages at University of Ottawa. During this time he also taught ESL to newcomers. Seeing a need, he began his translation business offering translation from English into Slovak and Czech. He landed his first large contract at the time when the former Czechoslovakia was building democratic institutions: a six-month project translating the Quebec Civil Code into Czech. Vlad incorporated Fox Translations Ltd. in 1998. Vlad provides leadership and direction to a dedicated in-house staff of translators, an extended network of translator associates and two full time coordinators.

  • Aurora Ionescu

    Aurora-smallv2Aurora Ionescu is a Translation Coordinator at Fox Translations. Whatever your translation requirement, she identifies the right translator, with the right subject matter knowledge and experience, to deliver a premium quality translation that also meets your requirements for cost and timeliness.
    Aurora has a diploma in International Relations from the University of Transylvania. She is fluent in English, French and Romanian with a working knowledge of Italian and Spanish. Aurora honed her customer service skills working in an international bank for three years, and joined Fox Translations in 2006. She loves to travel, and has a passion for learning new languages and discovering new cultures.

  • Fabrice Antier

    FabriceAntierv3Fabrice Antier is the senior in-house translator for Fox Translations, working in English-to-French translation since 2006. An OTTIAQ certified translator, Fabrice has an MA in English studies from the Faculté des lettres et des sciences humaines, Université de la Réunion (France), and holds a Certificate in Translation II, from the Department of Continuing Education, University de Montréal.
    Both a general and technical translator, Fabrice has a broad range of subject matter expertise including government policies, administration, human resources, marketing and IT. Fabrice is noted for his ability to understand the customer’s environment and read between the lines to accurately translate high-context material such as meeting minutes.
    Fabrice enjoys outdoor sports including biking, playing tennis, and roller skating. He also enjoys travelling abroad and discovering different cultures.

  • Amélie Beauchesne

    Amelie-photo 3-smallerAs a little girl, Amélie Beauchesne enjoyed finding and pointing out mistakes on the classroom blackboard. Growing up, she found the same satisfaction finding errors in the books she was reading – and even on her shampoo bottle. Amélie took her passion for accuracy into the Communications field, earning a bidisciplinary B.A. in Communications and Sociology from University of Ottawa and then working as a writer, translator and reviser for tourism organizations in Ontario and BC.
    After taking a second B.A. with specialization in Translation (English-French) and an ESL certificate from University of Ottawa, Amélie began work as a reviser for Fox Translations in 2012. On a daily basis, Amélie sees “pretty much every document that needs a revision or a second-read”, from long technical documents to one liners. Involved in the translation of publicity for Ottawa Bluesfest, an added bonus for Amélie was a chance to see the 2013 Bluesfest line-up the day before it was released (and no, her lips are sealed!)
    Amélie loves the outdoors. Her hobbies include hiking, camping, skiing, and skating; as well as photography, yoga, cooking and music.

  • Gabriel Fortin

    Gabriel Fortin-smallAs a teenager with an aptitude for language and writing, Gabriel Fortin would pick up a badly translated novel, or watch an awkwardly dubbed movie, and say to himself “I can do better than that.” Before going into translation, Gabriel studied for a year in Cultural and Media Studies at Bishop’s University, and then took his degree in Translation at University of Sherbrooke, Quebec.
    Gabriel joined Fox Translations in 2013, and translates a variety of documents from English to French, focusing on administrative documents, internal communications and web pages for the federal government and non-profit organizations. In his spare time, Gabriel enjoys hiking, skiing and fiction-writing, and is an avid filmgoer.

  • Karina Doyon

    Karina Doyon
    Karina Doyon has extensive experience with the government sector and is currently a revisor with the Fox Translations team.  Karina holds a Master’s degree in French Literature from the University of Montreal, and is a certified translator and member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ). She worked as an exam evaluator for the Ministry of Education in Quebec, and then as a translator and revisor for several translation companies in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. An avid reader, and adept with the spoken word,  Karina has an unwavering passion for translation, built on and strengthened over the years.
    “The art of translation involves a unique mixture of technical skill, precision and flexibility, talent and know-how, fidelity and creativity. It’s a trade that demands an extensive range of knowledge in many fields; and that challenges me to constantly to surpass myself. It allows me immerse myself in words and build bridges between cultures, while resolving linguistic challenges along the way. It’s a trade that continues to be fascinating!”
    « Vingt fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage », said Boileau, a celebrated French poet and critic. Put your work twenty times upon the anvil – Karina takes Boileau’s words to heart when she  refines a translation to perfection. While she waits for her next trip around the world, Karina can be found hunched over your translations, working on capturing the essence of your document before breathing new life into it and rendering it into an impeccable, clear, and cohesive French document.